Why small jobs?

While big jobs are time consuming and has larger overhead. Nearby smaller jobs are easy and add up quick profits. Our sellers are Winning with flat rate small jobs.

Why flat rate?

Workers can save 40% in their overhead when they offer their services as a flat rate gig. Upfront fixed prices prevent idle time answering calls giving estimates or collection and allow them to receive booked prepaid jobs.

Why workers should pay nothing?

People like to pay for things they want but hate to pay for things they need.

At small jobs we focus on two things – getting customers the best results possible, and letting tradesmen keep their hard-earned cut. With a merit based gig marketplace, you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart! The small jobs app offer complete solution for single operator and provide all the tools needed for a side hustle. With fully automated On-demand home service flat rate jobs marketplace, workers can simple setup their profile and watch their schedule fills up automatically. No marketing, no phone calls, no appointment setting, prepayment on all jobs so workers focus only on job results.

Our mission is to change the work order for the work ahead!